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Our goal, a “World Without Blindness”

Nikon Healthcare Japan Inc., inherited the trust nurtured over many years in the field of ophthalmology, and launches the business with the vision of aiming at “The World Without Blinedness”.

We do not rely on the current situation we continue to take on challenges into the future.
Leveraging on the brand’s presence as a member of the Nikon Group, we provide comprehensive solutions in the field of ophthalmology. Our organization will be substantiated to provide thoughtful support and services. We will also continue to expand our potential in collaboration with a diverse range of business partners. Our relief is to remain an organization in which each and every employee will be able to take on a leadership role in achieving such objectives.

We also keep our desire to contribute, not just to patients in the field of ophthalmology, but also to health of people in general, through the thorough utilization of our strengths, we are now at the time in history a diverse range of capabilities are sought and studied for the purpose of medical therapies.

We will continue to aim for a “World Without Blindness” by providing “Valuable Solutions” to medical professionals, patients and their family.

Haruhisa Sonoda
Chief Executive Officer