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Nikon Healthcare Japan Inc. (hereinafter “NHCJ”) recognizes the importance of properly handling personal information, and handles all personal information in accordance with the Nikon Group Privacy Protection Statement, as outlined below.

* “Personal information” is defined herein as in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (of Japan). This includes, but not limited to, personal names, addresses, dates of birth, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc.

1. Collection of personal information

Whenever NHCJ collects personal information, NHCJ will specify the purpose of use and collect only the personal information necessary for the purposes by a lawful and fair manner.

2. Purpose of use of personal information

Collected personal information will be used for the following purposes.

  • To sell products and to provide products and services requested by customers (collecting personal information will include the accumulation of purchase history, and repair history, etc. to ascertain needs)
  • To respond to various kinds of customer inquiries, requests, and needs, etc. (collecting personal information will include the accumulation of inquiry history in order to respond to inquiries in a better manner)
  • To use as reference materials to reflect the needs of customers in the advertising, sales, and service activities for the products NHCJ handles (e.g, information from surveys at the time of product purchase, customer satisfaction surveys and inquiry histories)
  • To provide information on products NHCJ handles, company information, and services and service-related information (e.g., sending catalogs, new product information, brochures) to users by mail or by email
  • To provide various kinds of practical information, such as to inform contest results, and to send contest prizes, for campaigns, etc.
  • To identify participants at exhibitions, seminars, etc. and contact them afterward
  • To build and maintain smooth and relationships with business customers
  • To assess the applicants and make a hiring decision with regard to their job application, job inquiry, etc.

Additionally, NHCJ may process collected personal information and use it for statistical purposes after anonymizing the information.

3. Providing information to third parties

(1) Providing information to third parties

NHCJ will never provide any personal information NHCJ has acquired to any third party, unless:

  • Prior consent of the data subject is obtained
  • It is permitted by law

(2) Subcontractors

Collected personal information may be disclosed/provided by NHCJ to one of its subcontractors within the scope necessary for achieving the purpose of use.
In this event, NHCJ will conclude a non-disclosure agreement with the subcontractor and also implement strict management and supervision over the subcontractor to ensure appropriate management of the personal information of NHCJ customers.

(3) Joint use

Collected personal information may be jointly used by Nikon Group companies within the scope of the purpose of use stated in “2. Purpose of use of personal information” to enable the Nikon Group to provide comprehensive services.
The items of personal information that may be jointly used are “personal name, contact information (e.g., address, telephone number and email address), product purchase history, repair history, inquiry details, and details of requests and needs.”
For the joint use of any other item of personal information, prior notification will be made by public or separately sent to the persons concerned.
The chief administrator of jointly used personal information will be Nikon Health Care Japan Inc.
Note that the Nikon Group will implement strict security management of personal information based on the Nikon Group Privacy Protection Statement applied uniformly across the Group.

4. Proper management of personal information

NHCJ implement all necessary and appropriate security measures in handling collected personal information, based on the Nikon Group Privacy Protection Statement, as well as NHCJ’s relevant rules relating to personal information management, in order to prevent the leaking or loss of personal information, reputational damage to persons, and for other data security managements. NHCJ will also provide the training necessary to NHCJ executives, employees, and all other relevant persons to ensure that personal information is handled appropriately.

5. Inquiries

Inquiries regarding personal information disclosure and related complaints can be made at the contact below.
< Contact for inquiries >
Corporate Management Department
Nikon Healthcare Japan Inc.
Telephone: 03-3773-8110

6. Revisions

In addition to strictly complying with all the Japanese laws and applicable regulations relating to personal information protection, NHCJ will strive to continuously improve its manner of personal information protection, by reviewing and revising the above principles, as and when necessary.